Effective communication

It is my personal opinion that the effectiveness of communication is suffering badly because of political correctness. You may or may not agree to my opinion. Every individual has different experiences. You always express what you observed or experienced. My observation is we are being taught what we should say or what we shouldn’t say. It is never considered what we feel or what we wanted to say. Even if you managed to say what you feel and what you wanted to say. Others will distort your communication, twist your words, and will prove you have no communication skills at all. All this happens because of political correctness. For example, if you are telling your real-life stories, people say please tell like a movie story with a happy ending. Come on why would we call it real-life story? There was a time when we shared true stories and movies were based on fictional stories. Nowadays we tell fictional stories in life and movies are made based on true stories. I encourage you to share your thoughts, your experiences, your opinions so that in case I am wrong, it is never late to correct my course and have faith to move on. It is hundred percent true I tried to talk to people in a healthy way but honestly people always tell me I will speak, you listen, please.

Published by Amrik Khabra

Amrik Khabra representative for Khabra Electric Ltd.

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